To add a Data Model, click on the "Add Data Model" button in the top right corner.

There are three types of Data Models:

  1. Static: a non-time based model (i.e. equipment list, user list)
  2. Event: a model with a single timestamp (i.e. an occurrence of an event)
  3. State: a model with a start timestamp and end timestamp (i.e. work order)

The type of Data Model is considered when running reports for the available Data Model Data. Static models cannot be reported against time while Event and State models can.

Note that Static models can have timestamp fields, however, their reporting usage is limited.

In the left hand sidebar, Data Models are organized according to their name. In the example above, "CMSS/Employees" will be stored in the CMSS folder.

Importing Data Models

Alternatively, you can import templated Data Models by clicking on the "Import Model(s)" button in the top right corner.

If a Data Model with the same name as a template Data Model exists, it will not appear in the import tool.

Any Data Models starting with the "Classic/" prefix are part of the core machine monitoring module within Accumine Cloud.