The tables below provide an overview of field types & options:

Field Type

Primary Field
Text Block
Designated Time Start
Designated Time End
Designated Timestamp
Manual DataLink
Code Block
Sub Model (single) - nested data object 
Sub Model (list) - nested data list

Note: Sub Model (list) cannot be used for reporting and referencing. Its recommended usage is for simple list tracking of information that does not need to be reported.

Special Purpose Fields

Designated Time Start

Must exist in State Data Models. Defines the start of a state.

Designated Time End

Must exist in State Data Models. Defines the end of a state (can be stored as "active" if the state is still in progress).

Designated Timestamp

Must exist in Event Data Models. Defines the time of occurrence of the event.

Manual DataLink

A reference field which embeds other Data Model Data records into the specified Data Model Data record.

For example, say you have the following Data Models:

Products - Static

  • Product Name (Text)
  • SKU (Text)

Orders - Event

  • Customer Name (Text)
  • Product (Manual DataLink to Products)
  • Qty (Number)
  • Timestamp (Designated Timestamp)

When you create an order and reference the purchased product, Accumine Cloud will fully embed the product record into your order record and keep it up date with any modifications performed to the product record.

Why does this exist? Fully embedding required data improves reporting performance because we don't have to join Orders & Products. We have all the information we need for an order within one record.

Adding & Managing Fields

To add a field, click on the "Add Field/Sub-Model" button in the Data Fields section:

Clicking on the "Actions" dropdown beside each field will allow you to:

  1. Add sub-fields to either the Sub Model (single) and Sub Model (list) fields
  2. Change name, description, required, unique properties of the field
  3. Archive the field

Note 1: Changing the field name will trigger a background job in Accumine Cloud that updates the Data Model Data with the update field name. This will propagate to any Manual DataLinks in associated Data Models.

Note 2: Archiving the field does not remove any stored data for this field. It will only prevent users from adding/editing this field in the Data Model Data. 

Note 3: The field type cannot be changed after the field has been created.