The Reporting Engine is a powerful tool for extracting valuable insights from your stored data.

Select Timerange: The timerange you specify will automatically apply to any State & Event Data Models associated with this report.

Filter By: Here, you can filter by native or referenced fields.

Group By: Choose your report grouping columns.

Summarize By: Choose what data to display.

Note 1: Row ID is NOT the same as the Primary Field. It is an auto-generated unique field generated in the Accumine Cloud.

Note 2: Time is an auto-generated field based on the designated time fields in State & Event models.

Example: CMMS Material Usage by Work Order

Editing Columns

Once a report has been generated, clicking on "Edit Columns" in the toolbar allows you (1) show/hide, (2) re-order and (3) rename fields.

Chart Editor

Clicking on "Change Visualization" allows you to choose a different visualization as well as customize the chart output.